Aging of the face

“Dr. Patel, I am starting to date and I had a first date with a man. I haven’t worn my contacts for at least 10 years but I decided to try them out on this date. He couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful my eyes are. I guess I should wear my contacts more often. Thank you for giving me back my beautiful eyes, Dr. Patel!”  S.J  63 Yrs Old with Droopy brows and eyelids now fixed!- Salt Lake City, UT


Here we will take you through the progression of an aging face and guide you through
​the treatment options you have for every part of your face.
Aging of the face Illustrated by Dr. BCK Patel MD
Even though we age similarly, we also age differently! The study of youth and understanding the processes of aging allows one to reverse some of
these changes without giving silly over-operated results
The eyes remain just as lustrous but tissues around age: brows dome down, cheeks deflate and move downwards and early jowls appear
Just a few years difference shows the changes that are helped by the “Hammock Lift” to lift the tail of the brow, the lower lids and cheeks and jowls: A
study in aging separated by 30 years


An example of how studying the youthful face and age-related changes allows one to recreate the face so one looks like one did rather than “pulled” or “operated”

This series of photos illustrates the importance of studying photographs taken 35 years previously. With careful attention to anatomical and physiological detail, we can almost recreate the face of decades past. Sometimes, with reduction of unwanted collections of fat (jowls, neck) and recreation of depleted fat pads (cheeks, temples), we can almost make faces look better than they looked several decades before!

Just a few years difference shows the changes that are helped by the “Hammock Lift” to lift the tail of the brow, the lower lids and cheeks and jowls: A
study in aging separated by 30 years


Aging of a female over several decades


Aging of men over several decades


Analysis of the youthful face
  1. Smooth forehead
  2. No “elevenses”
  3. No nasal descent
  4. Firm, full temples
  5. Laterally arched brows
  6. Full upper lids with arched upper lids
  7. Few fine smile lines
  8. Normal lower eyelid fold
  9. Nasojugal fold will be minimal
  10. Malar mound without a fold
  11. Lower fat pads barely visible
  12. No festoons
  13. Orbital rim hidden
  14. Smooth skin

15. Cheek fullness “egg of beauty”
16. Nasolabial folds mild
17. Nasal tip projection
18. Proud philtral columns
19. Smooth lips
20. Neutral or uplifted lateral labial commisure
21. No melo-labial folds
22. Jowls absent with firm jawline
23. No neck bands
24. Preauricular smoothness
25. Submaxillary gland hidden
26. Platysma firm
27. Submental firmness
28. Neck firmness
29. Chin projection


Analysis of the aging face
  1. Forehead rhytids and ptosis
  2. Vertical glabellar folds
  3. Horizontal glabellar folds
  4. Temple rhytids and ptosis
  5. Rhytids related to brow ptosis
  6. Dermatochalasis and ptosis
  7. Creases of the queue de sourcil
  8. Lower eyelid fold
  9. Nasojugal fold
  10. Malar or zygomatic fold
  11. Lower fat pads and septal weakness
  12. Early festoons
  13. Skeletonization of orbital rim with orbitomalar ligament lengthening
  14. Solar elastosis, loss of facial fat, cheek rhytids​

15. Cheek flattening
16. Nasolabial fold prominence and crease depth
17. Nasal tip ptosisPhiltrum flattens and lengthens
18.The dreaded lip lines
19. Lateral labial commissure descent
20. Melo-labial folds
21. Jowls
22. Cervical rhytids
23. Preauricular rhytids
24. Submaxillary gland ptosis
25. Platysmal bands
26. Submental fat
27. Neck rhytids, fat and hollows
28. Chin pad ptosis and retraction
29. Witch’s chin

“Well, the last time I had a picture taken I could hardly see my eyes because of the weight of heavy eyelid. Then I paid attention to how I was actually using my eyes and I really noticed when I was looking at anything especially the computer I was straining my forehead to see better. Since I have had it done I no longer have to lift the forehead and tilt my head to see. It is amazing! I love…” D. Rock 63 Yrs Old with Fat Droopy Eyes – Salt Lake City, UT

Age progression 20 to 80 year old male


There are many different options to treat your face and we
can help you figure out the next steps.


How indeed! Andrew Marvell said it ever so elegantly, 400 years ago: “But at my back I always hear, Time’s winged chariot hurrying near.” Where to begin: the lines, the jowls, the dark circles, the gaunt eyes, the pallid skin, the pores, the warts, the spots the veins. The loss of that bloom, but a memory.

“I don’t want to look pulled.” “I don’t want to look like that singer, that movie star, that person on television.” “I don’t want people to know I have had a facelift.” “I want to look like me!”, I want to look like I am aging gracefully.” “I want to look my age, only healthy and happy.” “I want to make my ex-husband regret what he lost!” We have heard them all, and then some!

For analysis, explanation, and treatment options, we divide the face into thirds:

Cosmetic approach to the three facial zones
Cosmetic approach to the three facial zones
Cosmetic approach to the three facial zones
Cosmetic approach to the three facial zones
Brilliant results with my Facelift with Dr. Bhupendra Patel in Salt Lake City and St. George: he is a magician. Bhupendra C.K. Patel, MD Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon: Absolutely wonderful surgeon, great human being and terrific, kind, staff. I had been trying to lose weight and been bothered by my appearance (my face) for a long time. You have to make a decision in your life about how you look but also how you feel and I felt energetic and young. You always want to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. You never feel as old on the inside and I had been thinking about having the surgery done for five years. After my face and necklift by Dr. Bhupendra Patel, I went to my mother’s 90th birthday party in Washington. The comments from everyone was “how come you have a daughter that is so young?” They could not tell I had had a facelift and necklift. Everyone thought I was 20 years younger!! I also had an endoscopic browlift and blepharoplasty called the hammock lift which has completely changed the way I look and I don’t feel tired. My friends think I look at least 20 years younger. I am so glad I got my face fixed! I am enjoying life! Dr. Patel kept on asking me to stop smiling as he took my photographs but I just couldn’t! I love my face but I especially love my neck. Dr. Patel told me that every young woman should be reminded to enjoy her long neck and firm jawline while they can because father time catcheth up with us all! How true…. Overall rating *****


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